Castro Verde municipality classified as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Passeios fluviais no lago do Alqueva, Alentejo - Alquevatours.

The municipality of Castro Verde, “a humanized ecosystem of high natural value” bordering the county in which is inserted Vale de Camelos, was on Wednesday classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, announced the municipality.

The candidacy of Castro Verde was approved today in Paris by the International Coordination Council of the Man and the Biosphere (MaB) program of UNESCO.

This distinction was based on the fact that the county of Castro Verde is “a humanized ecosystem of high natural value, fruit of a continuous work of several decades”.

The municipal effort to preserve biodiversity and the natural, cultural and landscape values that give the county a unique and specific diversity is thus rewarded.

Castro Verde is an ecosystem where the compatibility of agricultural activity with the conservation of landscape and nature has been translated into the maintenance of the largest area of the cereal area in Portugal, created by centennial practices of extensive agriculture, which led to the formation of a very rich mosaic of habitat.