Things to do: Beja medieval castle

Castelo de Beja

The human occupation of the site where Beja rises today, goes back to prehistory, being even mentioned in the writings of Ptolemy. It was in Beja that Julius Caesar formalized peace with the Lusitanians.

In a combination of Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline and Mannerist styles, the medieval castle has in its tower the great symbol of Bejense pride. It is considered one of the most beautiful examples of military architecture of the Middle Ages in Portugal. Rising to forty meters high, it is the highest in the country.

I made myself a nice table

We were in need of a small table, to place by the pool’s chairs. So I got 1 old plank, 2 small logs, 3 nails and made this rustic table.

Now I have a place to rest my things, a drink, a book, reading glasses and the phone – yes, I admit, I take the phone for holidays.

Castro Verde municipality classified as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Passeios fluviais no lago do Alqueva, Alentejo - Alquevatours.

The municipality of Castro Verde, “a humanized ecosystem of high natural value” bordering the county in which is inserted Vale de Camelos, was on Wednesday classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, announced the municipality.

The candidacy of Castro Verde was approved today in Paris by the International Coordination Council of the Man and the Biosphere (MaB) program of UNESCO.

This distinction was based on the fact that the county of Castro Verde is “a humanized ecosystem of high natural value, fruit of a continuous work of several decades”. Continue reading “Castro Verde municipality classified as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve”

Visit Rome… in the Alentejo

Arqueologia romana no Baixo Alentejo

In the Alentejo, you travel naturally with and to History. The abundance and the quality of the Heritage which it expresses become easy for you to discover but, if you are visiting the Region for the first time, you could be spoiled for choice. If this is the case, don’t hesitate: opt for our suggestions and you will discover that the magic of the Alentejo is to be found, with endless pleasure, everywhere.

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Islamic Festival at Mértola – 19-22 May

Imagem do Festival Islâmico de Mértola, Alentejo.

The Arabian music, arts, smells and flavors that have fed the daily life of Mértola have invaded Alentejo during the 6th Islamic Festival between 19 and 22 May.

Mértola returned to become Martulah, name of the municipality in centuries XI and XII, when it was capital of the Islamic kingdom and important commercial port in the routes of the Mediterranean. During the biennial festival, a traditional Moroccan street market – the “souk” – will be scattered throughout the historic center of Mértola.

From 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, the narrow and steep streets of the village are filled with clothes, footwear, ceramics, lamps, carpets, jewelery, teas, nuts or cakes, which will be the heart of the event.

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Alentejo distinguished with “Special Prize Passion for Wine”

Alentejo distinguido com "Prémio Especial Paixão por Vinho"

Alongside with with the 10th anniversary of the Paixão Pelo Vinho (Passion for Wine) Magazine, 22 awards were awarded with the ‘Special Prize for Passion for Wine’ and 47 distinctions ‘Passion for Wine Excellence’ on last 14th January.

The CVRA – Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Comission was distinguished with the prize for the Best Viticulture Region of Portugal. The Alentejo was also distinguished in the categories of Architecture and Winemaker Generation XXI with Herdade do Freixo and António Maçanita, respectively.

This ceremony took place at Casino Figueira and hosted the presence of wine companies and professionals as well as gastronomy and tourism sectors to consecrate the best of Portugal and celebrate the 10th Anniversary of that magazine. The ceremony was attended by the portuguese  Secretary of State for Agriculture and Food.

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Herdade do Freixo vineyard

Adega da Herdade do Freixo, Évora, Alentejo, Portugal

This amazing underground vineyard has a spiral shape, 40 meters deep into the ground. This unusual shaped building, resembling a underground Guggenheim, was design by Portuguese architect Frederico Valsassina, with the intent of housing three wine labels: Freixo Reserva white wine 2015, Freixo Reserva red wine 2014 e Freixo Family Collection red wine 2014, all with “Indicação Geográfica Alentejano” (Alentejano Geographical Indication).

Herdade do Freixo, Freixo, Portugal
Monday to Friday, from 11h30 a.m. to 03h00 p.m.
Visits cost 3,50€ per person, requires previous booking.
Phone: 266 094 830

Christian Louboutin made a tour of the Alentejo

The famous French footwear designer, with the iconic red sole, has a house in Portugal and shared a list of places where he usually goes.

Originally from Brittany and raised in Paris, Christian Louboutin discovered the region [of Alentejo] 15 years ago while vacationing with his Portuguese friends at Comporta. With the flood of people, new constructions that he does not like and mosquitoes, decided to buy a house more to the south, in the Lagoon of Santo André, near Melides, where he plants great pots of geraniums, citronela and peppermint to move away the insects.

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