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Arqueologia romana no Baixo Alentejo

In the Alentejo, you travel naturally with and to History. The abundance and the quality of the Heritage which it expresses become easy for you to discover but, if you are visiting the Region for the first time, you could be spoiled for choice. If this is the case, don’t hesitate: opt for our suggestions and you will discover that the magic of the Alentejo is to be found, with endless pleasure, everywhere.

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Islamic Festival at Mértola – 19-22 May

Imagem do Festival Islâmico de Mértola, Alentejo.

The Arabian music, arts, smells and flavors that have fed the daily life of Mértola have invaded Alentejo during the 6th Islamic Festival between 19 and 22 May.

Mértola returned to become Martulah, name of the municipality in centuries XI and XII, when it was capital of the Islamic kingdom and important commercial port in the routes of the Mediterranean. During the biennial festival, a traditional Moroccan street market – the “souk” – will be scattered throughout the historic center of Mértola.

From 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, the narrow and steep streets of the village are filled with clothes, footwear, ceramics, lamps, carpets, jewelery, teas, nuts or cakes, which will be the heart of the event.

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