Christian Louboutin made a tour of the Alentejo

The famous French footwear designer, with the iconic red sole, has a house in Portugal and shared a list of places where he usually goes.

Originally from Brittany and raised in Paris, Christian Louboutin discovered the region [of Alentejo] 15 years ago while vacationing with his Portuguese friends at Comporta. With the flood of people, new constructions that he does not like and mosquitoes, decided to buy a house more to the south, in the Lagoon of Santo André, near Melides, where he plants great pots of geraniums, citronela and peppermint to move away the insects.

In front of his property, there is a pond where he watches the storks. He plants all kinds of vegetables, 20 kinds of carrots, turnips and potatoes.

Louboutin is as if he were from the earth, but he observes this region with artist’s eyes. He admires the small, rustic houses of fishermen and the image of the owner of a fish restaurant reminds him of a fashion shoot. The creator made a kind of list for the “Financial Times” website with what they like most in our country.

He loves to drive through the narrow and irregular streets, with trees and houses typical of the Alentejo. He comments that “at the top of the hills are usually large houses or castles overlooking the sea, and there is a certain magic in this scenario.”

Appreciates Mediterranean food and loves crustaceans, but is allergic to fish. It is in the market of Carrasqueira, a fishing village with 200 years and only 300 inhabitants, who buys their seafood to cook on the barbecue.

Its restaurants of choice are many, but highlight Dinis, a fishermen’s restaurant on the beach of Carvalhal, in Odemira, where he always orders the arroz caldoso – a caldeirada with prawns; The Fialho restaurant in Évora; The Melidense, in Melides, where it does not resist the meringue pudding; And the barn with six wooden tables in the hotel Monte do Brejinho de Agua, where they serve the best breakfasts.

When you get friends there are several places where you take them. They go to the castle of Evoramonte or to the Chapel of Bones in the Church of St. Francis in Evora and to the Roman temple full of tiles from the sixteenth century. At São Torpes Beach in Sines, he takes his German friend Hans to surf. And in the Cartuxa, takes them to a test of the best Alentejo wines.

He says he collects the cans of colored sardines bought at a store in Grândola, but he never eats them because he thinks they are disgusting.

Christian Louboutin was born in France in 1963 and began to imagine a line of shoes in his adolescence. He was expelled from school at age 16 and started working for a famous footwear designer, Charles Jourdan, two years later.

In 1990, Louboutin launched her first line of women’s shoes and added the legendary red sole in 1993. The idea for the sole appeared as she watched her assistant paint her nails in red. At that moment the designer decided to use this seductive color for the season.

With the insistence of the clients, like the Princess Carolina of the Monaco and the Madonna, it made permanent this characteristic. In 2003, Louboutin expanded into ladies’ bags, in 2011, started its line of men’s shoes, and in 2013, introduced its beauty line.

According to The New Yorker, the designer sells more than 500,000 pairs of his shoes a year and the value of a Louboutins differ between € 358 and € 5400.


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