Welcome to the “Monte” of Vale de Camelos

Horta de Vale de Camelos it’s a country house for vacation renting, located on the most iconic rural region of Portugal – the “Golden Plane” of Baixo Alentejo. It can be rented on a weekly bases, with a minimum stay of 4 nights. It’s suitable for family vacations or for a group of friends who are looking for a place to spend some time together.

So, if you’re looking for a place to rest, look no further. The house is more than 200 years old, with one floor longitudinal shape, built in the typical Alentejo style, with white walls, blue basement and orange tile roof. It’s completely rebuilt to meet contemporary needs, while keeping it’s original style. Moreover, it has a great swimming pool and a huge garden/orchard. The house is located at the end of the tiny village (in Alentejo it’s called a “monte”) of Vale de Camelos. The property, which you can enjoy entirely and privately, has an area of 1 acre.

The house has a typical decoration that contributes to a cozy environment you can enjoy during spring, summer, autumn or winter vacations. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen and a big living room with a large fireplace. The dining room, has typically has it can get in local tradition, shares the same space as the kitchen, which also has a fireplace. Old folks used to cook at the fireplace, in present times you can still use it just to warm you up. It’s suitable for family vacation or a group of friends, with a maximum capacity of 8 guests.


It’s called a “monte”

The term monte (hill) describes, in a local dialect, a farm house. It’s different from another Portuguese term quinta, which refers to a farm house between defined walls. A monte usually it’s more than just a house, it’s a small village that houses a few families, whose members work for the same boss. This doesn’t happens anymore in Vale de Camelos, but if you come to stay – and we welcome you to – you’ll still feel a breeze from the past.

The village


Quietness and privacy guaranteed for your holidays

Although you are welcome to meet the locals, none will disturb your stay. You’ll be able to observe their daily activities or enjoy an after dinner stroll through the narrow streets of the village. The property is surrounded by adobe walls that ensures your total privacy and security , but because it’s built on top of a small hill, you can still enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding plains of wheat and vines.

Vale de Camelos, the view of the wheat plane with sheep grazing.