The Stranglers come to town

Feira da Caça de Mértola

The Stranglers, the punk band that marked the 1970s and 1980s, will perform in the opening concert of Rural Beja, on Thursday, at 22.30, the only concert planned for Portugal within the bands’s  ‘Black & White’ tour. The Stranglers have enjoyed great commercial successes with songs like ‘Golden Brown’ and ‘Always The Sun’.

The event will run until Sunday in Beja Exhibition Fair Park and include Vinipax, the Festa Brava, the Hall of the Horse, the spaces “Nature the Bureau” and “Do rainfed to irrigated land,” bird shows (Avibeja) and dogs (Canibeja) and an Iberian symposium dedicated to the cork tree, the olive tree and the holm oak.

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