A Pipa (Beja)

Meat, meat and meat. There is no fresh fish or vegetarian cuisine on this restaurant, it’s a place for those you fancy the best Iberian pork, beef or lamb plates. Don’t miss the delicious “migas” (crumbs), a specialty of the region. Great typical decoration, that will set the mood for a man’s meal. Great desserts also!

Address: Rua da Moeda 8, 7800 Beja
Phone: 284 327 043
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A Cavalariça (Entradas)

Not as fancy as the other choices, but the food is insurmountable. Book in advance because people come from allover Alentejo to taste the chef’s selected dishes. A must.

Address: Rua do Paço 14, 7780-329 Entradas
Phone: 286 915 491
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Castro (Castro Verde)

Really nice contemporary decoration and a tasteful cuisine. Great regional food and plenty of variety, pork meat, cod fish, stews, sushi, salads and desserts. You must try the “migas de espargos” (asparagus crumbs), allegedly the best in the region. A bit far (30 min.) but worthwhile, for the food and for the travel across the golden planes of Alentejo.

Address: Rua Fialho Almeida, nº1, 7780-190 Castro Verde
Phone: 286 322 614
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Frango À Guia (Beja)

Varied menu, comfort, tasteful decor and food. Fresh fish everyday and a roast chicken speciality.

Address: Rua Zeca Afonso 18, 7800-522 Beja
Phone: 284 320 300