Use these instructions to operate our appliances.


All air conditioners are set automatically. Use the power button to turn it on/off. You can lower or raise the temperature by using TEMP buttons.


  1. place a detergent tablet in the respective compartment and close the lid.
  2. press the power button on the left.
  3. rotate the round button on the right and choose one of these options:
    1. 65º for fast wash (2:15)
    2. 50º for eco wash (3:30)
    3. 45º for quick wash (0:29)
    4. #4 for rinse
  4. press the START button.


  1. open the door of the white mansory box, located outside of the kitchen door, on its left.
  2. turn the handle between both bottles to central position.
  3. remove the cable on the empty bottle, by rotating the black button 180 degrees.
  4. connect the second cable on the spare bottle, press down and rotate it’s black button 180 degrees clockwise. The bottle is now connected.
  5. turn the handle to the side of the spare bottle.  All done.


  1. light a match
  2. to use the oven, use the central command, rotate and press on the desired position (you can lift the oven’s bottom lid for better access)
  3. to use the stove, use any other command


  1. use the green TV button on the “SONY” remote to turn on the tv set.
  2. press red button on  “MEO” remote to activate the tv box.
  3. wait for ‘A INICIAR’ to stop scrolling on the box display (this may take a while.)
  4. browse through channels using the P keys.
  5. adjust volume on the black or the grey remote.


  1. connect the white power cord to the router and plug it to an outlet.
  2. press the power button on the router.
  3. wait for all the lights to go stable (wifi icon should be green).
  4. join ‘Vale de Camelos’ network.
  5. password is located on the back of the router.
  6. if the router’s battery is charged, you can unplug it and take it to another room.


  • litter food in the sink
  • use the bath towels in the pool
  • water the plants or trees in the garden
  • leave running water in the bathroom or kitchen
  • keep air conditioner on while away (rooms cool quickly)
  • have pets on sofas or beds
  • invite other guests or have parties